November 5-12, 2014

Contest procedure

The Contest consists of four rounds.

First (preliminary) round. is conducted based on video recordings and documents provided by the contestant.

Grand Prix holders and winners of the All-Russian Music Contest and International Contest “Cup of the North” (Cherepovets city) are exempted from the preliminary round. They can send the documents to the Organizing Committee without video recordings.

By the September,1, 2014 all the participants of the preliminary round will be informed about their results.

The second, the third and the fourth rounds are public and are held in the Kemerovo city.

Not more than 50% of the participants of the second round will pass to the third round.

Not more than 5 contestants of each nomination will pass to the fourth round.

In the fourth round the participants will perform with Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra of the B.T.Shtokolov Kemerovo region State Philharmonia.

The running order shall be determined by preliminary loting and will be in effect till the end of the Contest. The Organizing Committee will deliver the loting results to the participant together with the invitation to participate in the second round.

All performance program should be played by heart.

The music pieces from the program of the first round can be performed one more time in the second, third or fourth round. In all other cases the music pieces can be performed only once (can not be repeated). It is not allowed to change the claimed repertoire (program).

Participants being late for the beginning of their performance are allowed for further participation only by the decision of the jury.

Kemerovo Central Music School №1 provides the contestants with rehearsal opportunities:

  • – 20 minutes before each round in the Concert hall;
  • – Not less than 60 minutes per day in the rooms with piano.

The rehearsals schedule will be established by the Organizing Committee and disclosed to the contestants by the October, 5, 2014.

Rehearsals of the participants of the fourth round are held the following way:

  • – One rehearsal with the conductor – 25 minutes;
  • – One rehearsal with the orchestra – 30 minutes.

The Organizing Committee provides contestants with an accompanist for rehearsals and performance. Two rehearsals and one performance with an accompanist on each round are free of charge.

The winners of the Contest and their accompanists should participate in the Closing Ceremony and Gala concert of the Contest.

All the broadcasting rights, audio and video materials of all the rounds and Gala concert along with the distribution of these materials belong to the Organizing Committee of the Contest and M.A.Matrenin Charity fund.